Factors to consider on a sale & Purchase

  • Associates Agreement 
Are you intending on staying on as an Associate? If so, we can help to ensure that a reasonable and fair Agreement is entered in to with the new owners. 
  • NHS Contracts 
Is the current contract a GDS or PDS contract ? Is the contract held personally or under a partnership ? We can liaise with the PCT on your behalf to ensure the best possible outcome is attained with the transfer of the contract over to the new owners without loss of the UDA’s undertaken by the practice 
  • Is the Paperwork of the practice in order?
We can forward a list of enquiries to you before the sale is agreed to ensure that you can provide all the requisite information and ensure that is available to the Purchasers so there will be no delay in progressing the sale. Collating this information is time consuming and you want to ensure that once the sale is agreed there are no delays on your part. After all, the Purchasers will usually need to give 3 months notice to terminate their current Associates Agreement (if they are employed elsewhere) and so there will be a lapse of time between exchange of contracts and completing. So, the quicker you can exchange, the quicker you can complete. 
  • Is the property Leasehold ? 
It is important that your landlord is advised of the impending sale so that their consent to assign (transfer) the lease can be obtained. This can delay the transaction considerably if the Landlord is not contacted early on to establish what their requirements are 
Factors to consider on the Purchase: 
  • Incorporation/Partnership/Expense Sharing ? 
  • Finance
  • NHS Contract 
  • Is the practice CQC compliant and registered
  • The Sellers intentions after completion of the purchase